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How much do you know about the types of gift bags?

There are many types of gift bags, how much do you know? The use of gift bags is also varied, and its use is generally determined according to the thickness and design specifications of the paper used. Today, Detai will take you to know more about gift bags, let's take a look together.

Common types of gift bags are:

1. Non-woven bags, such gift bags are generally used as advertising bags, handbags, etc.

2. Burlap bags are mostly used as document bags.

3. Storage bags, as the name suggests, are mostly used for storage.

4. Environmentally friendly paper bags, which are the most commonly used at present, such as paper shopping bags, clothing packaging bags, gift tote bags, paper bag ribbon handle, etc. can be used in this type of paper bags. It has a strong design and can be used as a promotion. A beautifully made paper bag is no less than an excellent advertising sign, and the cost is also lower. In addition, printing some knowledgeable words and patterns on paper bags can also be used as a way of cultural transmission, which not only brings convenience to people to carry items, but also plays a certain role in cultural transmission. There is also a beautifully made gift bag that may also drive product sales. For example, a beautiful dessert packaging bag may help you attract customers to the store to buy~

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The above is what Detai shared today. Choosing to make a beautiful gift bag has a great effect on the promotion and sales of the product, but at the same time, the load-bearing capacity of the gift bag must also be considered, and the quality of the gift bag is not good enough. It may bring a bad experience to the user. You can consult us to customize your paper gift bag!

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