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  • Card gift boxes with bottom and lid

    White foldable card gift boxes

    Recycled material and ink we accept small order quantity Custom made foldable gift box,save shipping cost and storage space

  • 2 piece boxes

    Deluxe wedding gift boxes

    Special textured quality textured paper with same color ribbon bow,Custom made with your specific requirement

  • Customized paper shopping bags

    Paper shopping bags with die cut handle

    Quality Paper Bags, recycled paper shopping bag with PP handle, can be customized prints, patterns, colors and sizes can also be customized and designed according to customer requirements.

  • Jewelry box sets supplier

    Leather Ring Box Sets

    Luxury Textured  PU Leather Necklace/Pendant Box with your own Logo,Minium order quantity is 1,000pcs

  • Customized paper shopping bags

    Chinese supplier Paper Bag Wholesale and Retail White Card Bag

    Printed White Card Paper gift Bag recycled paper shopping bag with PP handle, can be customized prints, patterns, colors and sizes can also be customized and designed according to customer requirements. Size various from small,medium and Large!It's up to you.Add your logo on the bag to make it unique for your brand and business.

  • Jewelry box sets supplier

    Textured Black Drawer Jewelry Packaging Box

    Wooden Textured Black Paper Gold / Silver Stamping Logo Soft Velvet Pillow Insert MOQ:1,000pcs

  • Foldable Paper Box

    Foldable rigid gift box

    Made of special textured paper Your logo can be stamped on the box Custom made foldable gift box,save shipping cost and storage space

  • Wallet Gift boxes

    China Manufacturer Luxury Wallet Gift Packing Boxes

    Quality Textured Paper Foldable Bottom and Lid boxes The size can be custom made with your specific requirements(this size is 23.5*13*6.5cm) Call us and stamp your logo on the box to enchance your company and your brand

  • Got Your Colorful Gift Bags for Fall Season

    Got Your Colorful Gift Bags for Fall Season


    Time flies,it's Fall!Pick a perfect Pumpkin paper shopping bag to spice up your company package.Choose a brown kraft paper bag with paper twised handle,or grab a golden tissue paper or ribbon bow to liven up your existing gift bag with a fresh look.Update your packages with the colors of everybody's favorite season,we've got all the colors..It can be custom made with your specific requirements,and ready to ship it to you! Striped fancy small paper bags with ribbon handles are ready!These textured gift bags are perfect for coming Christmas! Various kinds of colors are available and you're welcome to print your logo or shop name,company name on the ribbon to enchance your brand.And you are able to use this bright,eco-friendly paper bags year around. If the cost is your first consideration,we would recommend the above PP string handle..different colors are available for your choices and the handle string color can be custom made too when the order quantity is up to 5,000pcs.

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  • Unique Watch Gift Boxes For Your Luxury Watches

    Unique Watch Gift Boxes For Your Luxury Watches


    Nowadays,more and more business man or woman they prefer to wear a quality watch instead of shinny jewelry,it's kind of a way to reflect your power and status,and it looks more professional.Of course,how can a luxury watch without a unique packing box?It helps sellers enchance their brand and company..it helps owners protect their watches. No matter you are watch manufacturers,watch wholesalers or watch retailers,it is very important to get special boxes for your own shops.Here are some different types of watch boxes: Leather boxes with stamping Logo for luxury watches Cheap bottom and lid boxes for inexpensive watches Drawer/Sliding rigid box with a pillow inside Fashionable Unique watch box with LED light inside It can be a small box for one watch,it also can be a large one for watches display in your shops.Regarding the inserts,it can be a quality leather or velvet small pillow..it also can be made foam or EVA,with your logo stamping,embossed,debossed or printed.Various specialty textured paper and leathers are available in different colors for different options. Detai Printing&Packaging Co.,Ltd ,a leading watch gift boxes manufacturer in China,has been in package export business for more than 13 years,we will use our knowledge to offer professional package solutions for your company. we are confident that if we get a chance to work with you and you will be happy with us like our other regular customers.Simply email us at jenny@detaibox.com!

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  • High Quality Pen Boxes for Your Luxury Pen

    High Quality Pen Boxes for Your Luxury Pen


    As well as our variety of paper bags, we also stock a range of Pen Boxes packaging options that can be custom made to match. Protect your products with our luxurious tissue paper, available with 1 or 2 sided printing in a wide range of different inks. You can also add ribbon and labels printed with your business logo to provide the perfect finishing touch to your bags. Offering custom branded gift boxes to your customer is a great way to enhance the buying experience and increase your marketing reach.Many wholesalers utilize custom printed gift boxes,foldable box,apprael boxes ,pen boxes and fancy gift boxes to package their products.Some retailers may use custom gift boxes and some may use them exclusively for the special holiday season There are many styles of custom pen gift boxes.It can be one or two pieces box,top tuck with foldable bottom box,pop-up garment packaging box,the same panel box or foldable boxes to save shipping cost and save stock space.Custom boxes can be manufacturerd with varying thickness from simple paper card from 190-400gsm,specialty textured paper or thick paper board.Just show us what you like and we will make your thoughts come true.

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  • Using Gift Boxes to Enhance Your Business

    Using Gift Boxes to Enhance Your Business


    Boxes are so important part of today's life.Gift boxes are among the most popular and favorite box of everyone in the world. When you go to supermarket,you may notice that the packages are really amazing and you are really impressed as it is the first impression of the inside item.Giving the right impression to customers through gift boxes also plays an important role.Because it can make  you different from your competitors and your clients will be forced to think about more of your company. Custom printed gift boxes can  be given to enhance and improve your company and brand.Your image can surely be improved if you use high quality gift boxes for sending promotional items to your potential clients,business partners etc.A nice gift packing box will make the receiver feel happy,respect and honored.Not only those typical or traditional promotional items like pen,mugs,candies can be given and other items like you can send calendar with your company logo packed in a paper box or your company magazine. All our packages are custom made and it's always good to use special designed gift boxes for different occasions and evens.You can use folded gift boxes or bottom and lid rigid boxes,Printed gift box is a good option too and you can add ribbons,laces or flowers to make it lovely and elegant. Christmas is coming and then New Year,do you have any purchase plan?Please simply give us an email and our professional team will give you the best advice and solution for your package!

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  • Start Using Paper Bags

    Start Using Paper Bags


    Plastic or Paper? These days,when you hear the question,"Paper Or Plastic?" The answer is an almost instinctive "Paper!" We all know that plastic is terrible for the environment,the that plastic bags in particular are clogging up our our oceans,choking our wildlife and generally wreaking havoc on the world. Why Paper bags? Paper bags are gaining importance as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable and biodegradable and at the same time environment friendly and pose less threat to wildlife. it requires less energy for paper bags to be recycled than plastic bags. Paper bags have come a long way since their beginnings in the mid-eighteenth century when some paper bag manufacturers started developing paper bags that are more hardy and long lasting. The paper bags are generally box-shaped in design that allows them to stand upright and hold more goods. Corporates are using paper bags for promotions, seminars, product packaging and branding purposes. Here are various types of Paper bags for choices: White Card Paper bag with pp string handle Art paper paper bag with ribbon handle Brown kraft paper bag with paper twist handle White kraft paper bag with twist handle Fancy gift bag with die cue handle Quality Specialty Paper bag with over flap handle No matter what kind of paper bags you are looking for, if you are eco friendly and at the same time want to be ahead of your competitors, start using paper bags.

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  • Make Your Own Jewelry Boxes

    Make Your Own Jewelry Boxes


    What is the jewelry box? The beautiful packing boxes which are made to hold precious ornaments are known as jewelry boxes. You will notice different kinds of boxes to hold jewelry which is made with various types of element. The purpose of those boxes to accommodate precious stones and keep them clean as the new one. Usually, the jewelry boxes are beautiful to look at, and women love to fill the box with stylish and precious ornaments. Women know the value of a jewelry holding box! Make Your Own Jewelry Boxes There are lots of luxury and quality jewelry boxes are available in the market. So you can easily buy anytime from a market or online store. But if you can make your own jewelry boxes with your company logo,isn't it good ? So this article is about how to make your own jewelry box. Before knowing more details, you should have the idea about different kinds of boxes. There are different kinds of a jewelry box. We add some types to all in bellow. Different Kinds of the Jewelry/ Gift Boxes 1.Leather/imitation leather jewelry boxes 2.Printed paper Jewelry boxes with different treatments 3.Specialty paper jewelry boxes 4.Velvet Jewelry boxes 5.Individual Jewelry storage box 6.Mirrored jewelry boxes 7.Jewelry box with ribbon Bow And there are also various types of different box styles including Bottom and Lid boxes Hinged Boxes Round boxes Square boxes Drawer boxes Just simply show us the photos or tell us how would you like it to be and we will make your thoughs come ture. Isn't it amazing to have jewelry boxes with  your own logo?It looks like more professional and will help enchance your business .Email us and our team will help you work it out!

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