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  • Card gift boxes with bottom and lid

    White foldable card gift boxes

    Recycled material and ink we accept small order quantity Custom made foldable gift box,save shipping cost and storage space

  • 2 piece boxes

    Deluxe wedding gift boxes

    Special textured quality textured paper with same color ribbon bow,Custom made with your specific requirement

  • Customized paper shopping bags

    Paper shopping bags with die cut handle

    Quality Paper Bags, recycled paper shopping bag with PP handle, can be customized prints, patterns, colors and sizes can also be customized and designed according to customer requirements.

  • Jewelry box sets supplier

    Leather Ring Box Sets

    Luxury Textured  PU Leather Necklace/Pendant Box with your own Logo,Minium order quantity is 1,000pcs

  • Customized paper shopping bags

    Chinese supplier Paper Bag Wholesale and Retail White Card Bag

    Printed White Card Paper gift Bag recycled paper shopping bag with PP handle, can be customized prints, patterns, colors and sizes can also be customized and designed according to customer requirements. Size various from small,medium and Large!It's up to you.Add your logo on the bag to make it unique for your brand and business.

  • Jewelry box sets supplier

    Textured Black Drawer Jewelry Packaging Box

    Wooden Textured Black Paper Gold / Silver Stamping Logo Soft Velvet Pillow Insert MOQ:1,000pcs

  • Foldable Paper Box

    Foldable rigid gift box

    Made of special textured paper Your logo can be stamped on the box Custom made foldable gift box,save shipping cost and storage space

  • Wallet Gift boxes

    China Manufacturer Luxury Wallet Gift Packing Boxes

    Quality Textured Paper Foldable Bottom and Lid boxes The size can be custom made with your specific requirements(this size is 23.5*13*6.5cm) Call us and stamp your logo on the box to enchance your company and your brand

  • Quality Rigid Gift boxes For Your Luxury Products

    Quality Rigid Gift boxes For Your Luxury Products


    The right gift boxes can keep your products safe and be impressived all on their own.Large or small,lidded or open,printed or foiled,you can get whatever you like from us.Rigid cardboard gift boxes made from thick material,also called rigid setup boxes,cardboard gift boxes and present boxes,with high quality and pressional presentation.Magnetic gift boxes are a rigid style flat folding boxes that pops open on the sides as you fold the box to close.There is a magnetic closure inside the walls to support the box.This kind of box is getting popular as it looks really luxury which reflects the inside product is high end too.What's more,it can be flat in transit to reduce shipping cost..also reduce the storage space. Rigid kraft gift boxes are stylish and with a natural look,they are widely used for luxury gift boxes,there are rigid  boxes with window and  boxes with no window two options.Window boxes allow customers to see through the boxes without open them,and boxes without windows can keep the gift as a secret for presentation.If you are a shop owner,you can custom made rigid gift boxes with your logo printed and customize a perfect size for your products to promote your brand. These rigid foldable gift boxes are commonly used for luxury products and brands due to their potential for stunning designs and their sturdy packages.If your brand is targeting the high-end market,our rigid boxes will be your first consideration.They can very practically be used for a variety of products such as skin care products,wines,cosmetics,hampers etc.Detai's rigid gift boxes are used for distinguished products and will enhance the image and value of your products.Such as greeting card,DVD gift sets,book sets,cosmetic packages,perfume package,candle package,candy package etc.They can be designed with special inserts made up of paper board,plastic and foam to firmly secure your products.Whether your requirements call for a basic kraft rigid box or a custom textured paper boxes with recycled material,we are fully equipped to handle all of  your specilized needs.

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  • Two Piece Gift Packing Boxes

    Two Piece Gift Packing Boxes


    Let's face it,package is getting more and more important,it is the first impression of your product and even your company image.Why not wrap your products with a gift box that's as quality as they are? These two piece Gift boxes are perfect for packaging clothes like shirts,pants and even socks,underwears.Made of recycled kraft paper  or eco-friendly white card material,these sturdy boxes will hold your heaviest gifts while maintaning their shape. Best of all,these boxes are so charming and attractive,you won't even need to wrap them.And for all those last minute gift wrapping sessioins,you will be glad to have a few of these on hand .Finally,giving out a perfect present.Those boxes are quite cost effective,a small cost will help you earn more business.Why not? With a simple foiled logo,your company image will be highly enchanced. Lastly,those boxes are foldable and can be flat in shipping which reduces the storage space,youdon't have to worry about not having a large warehouse. and it can be assembled easily,it can be done within a few seconds.Many different colors,textured material are availble.Call Detai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. to get your ideal box.

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  • Why Paper Bags

    Why Paper Bags


    Enviromental issue is a global concern for all humen being.More and more companies realize how important to be a responsible organization to our society and world.These days,when you hear the question,"Paper Or Plastic?" The answer is an almost instinctive "Paper!"We all know that plastic is terrible for the environment,the that plastic bags in particular are clogging up our our oceans,choking our wildlife and generally wreaking havoc on the world. In the past,plastic bag is their first choice for package but in nowadays,more and more companies turn back to paper bag and paper bag is becoming popular because of several  advantage.First,paper bag is eco-friendly and recycyled.Second,paper bag looks like more luxury and high end which gives a positive message of your item quality.Lastly,the price is afforable and custom made shopping bag would help enchance your company and brand. Here are some several kinds of paper bags Quality Specialty Paper bag with over flap handle White Card Paper bag with pp string handle Fancy gift bag with die cue handle Art paper paper bag with ribbon handle White kraft paper bag with twist handle Brown kraft paper bag with paper twist handle If you are eco friendly and at the same time want to be ahead of your competitors, start using paper bags.

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  • A Fancy Paper Box For Your Bakery

    A Fancy Paper Box For Your Bakery


    Today we'd like to introduce some fancy cake boxes for your bakery.Cakes are a popular treat for all kinds of evens,from birthday parties to more upscale events.These occassions require a unique paper packing box to properly display these special desserts.Detai printing & Packaging Co.,Ltd offers a quality cake boxes to help keep your treats fresh and beautiful until your customers are ready to enjoy them. Our Cake boxes are available in various sizes,it can be custom made with your specific dimensions and colors.The cake box set includes a paper tray for holding cakes upright and steady in the box.A box base and a sleeve in matching colors.Please see below large cake box,there is a PVC window so customers can see the cakes throught it..and it is easy to be assembled. Thesepaperboxesare also great for gift or favor boxes! The foldable design makes these boxes a unique packaging option! Each box also comes with a window in the sleeve, so anything you choose to put in the box will be on full display for the guests at your event or in your shop! Here are some small cakes boxes with different die cut handles.Those boxes can be flat in shipping which will help save a lot of shipping cost and stocking space.What's more,both our paper materials and inks are food grade.Contact us and get  your own Paper Boxes with Your LOGO!

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  • Detai--Your Best Package Partner  in 2020!

    Detai--Your Best Package Partner in 2020!


    Detai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd ,covers an area of more than 5,000 square meters,is a professional manufacturerer of various types of gift boxes, color boxes, paper bags, jewelry boxes, hang tags, labels, brochures etc. You can get all the packages of your brand here; no need to discuss with so many suppliers and it’s really time wasting.We have been in export business for more than 13 years and our excellent service will make you feel like buying at home. We have advanced equipments and young talent team, including two brand-new 5 color Heidelberg printing machines,high-speed cutting machines,die cutting machines,CPT house ,auto-gluing machines,etc, our excellent services will exceed your expectation. All our products are custom made with your specific requirements and we will use our knowledge and expertise to enchance your packing solutions for your brand and company, provide professional packing advice, and help customers develop their packing systems,just tell us what you want and we will make your thoughts become reality.Rest assure, both our paper material and Ink are eco-friendly. Custom satisfaction is our first priority,so far we have established very friendly long-term business relationship with many big companies including hand bag companies,jewelry companies,pen companies,clothing companies and iron companies and what's more,we have cooperated with them for more than 10 years,we are pretty sure that you will be happy with us if we get a chance to work together for your packages.

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  • How To Choose Surface Treatments

    How To Choose Surface Treatments


    Package is playing an important role for nowadays business,among them,paper package is the most popular as it is recycled,eco-friendly and inexpensive.How to make a unique package to get impression is very important and helpful to your business. Here are some different options of surface treatments,they are Gloss Lamination,Matte Lamination,Spot UV,Gossy Varnish,Aqueous coating,Gold stamping,Silver stamping,Embossed,Debossed etc.The surface treatment is done after printing process and it can be done on the blank textured paper directly too.It is widely used to create different features ofgift packages.Matte finishing is like silk touch,very smooth and elegant,it is usually used with Spot UV or Stamping.If you are focusing on reducing the cost for cheap color boxes,aqueous coating is recommended.Some customers may say,"I do not need any finishing,is it OK?" Generally speaking,it is not a good decision for full background printing packages,it is needed to protect the color. For blank packages,it is not a problem. When it comes to luxury packages like Perfume gift boxes or Cosmetic Gift packages,Embossed logo or Stamping logo would be recommended.So it can easily catch attention.The hign end touching of package is a reflection of your product quality too.Regardingpapercolor boxesfor electronic products,in order to save cost,gloss finishing or glossy varnish would be a good choice.Anyway,it's just our suggestions and the final packages will be done as your specific requirements.

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