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  • Card gift boxes with bottom and lid

    White foldable card gift boxes

    Recycled material and ink we accept small order quantity Custom made foldable gift box,save shipping cost and storage space

  • 2 piece boxes

    Deluxe wedding gift boxes

    Special textured quality textured paper with same color ribbon bow,Custom made with your specific requirement

  • Customized paper shopping bags

    Paper shopping bags with die cut handle

    Quality Paper Bags, recycled paper shopping bag with PP handle, can be customized prints, patterns, colors and sizes can also be customized and designed according to customer requirements.

  • Jewelry box sets supplier

    Leather Ring Box Sets

    Luxury Textured  PU Leather Necklace/Pendant Box with your own Logo,Minium order quantity is 1,000pcs

  • Customized paper shopping bags

    Chinese supplier Paper Bag Wholesale and Retail White Card Bag

    Printed White Card Paper gift Bag recycled paper shopping bag with PP handle, can be customized prints, patterns, colors and sizes can also be customized and designed according to customer requirements. Size various from small,medium and Large!It's up to you.Add your logo on the bag to make it unique for your brand and business.

  • Jewelry box sets supplier

    Textured Black Drawer Jewelry Packaging Box

    Wooden Textured Black Paper Gold / Silver Stamping Logo Soft Velvet Pillow Insert MOQ:1,000pcs

  • Foldable Paper Box

    Foldable rigid gift box

    Made of special textured paper Your logo can be stamped on the box Custom made foldable gift box,save shipping cost and storage space

  • Wallet Gift boxes

    China Manufacturer Luxury Wallet Gift Packing Boxes

    Quality Textured Paper Foldable Bottom and Lid boxes The size can be custom made with your specific requirements(this size is 23.5*13*6.5cm) Call us and stamp your logo on the box to enchance your company and your brand

  • Chinese New Year Holiday Notice

    Chinese New Year Holiday Notice


    Dear Customers We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your trust and support in the past.Best wishes to you and your family! Due to Chinese New Year holiday,our factory will be closed from 18th Jan to 2nd,Feb and we will come back to work on 3rd Feb.Sorry for any inconvenience and feel free to contact us if anyting urgent,we will get back to asap. Yours sincerely Detai Team

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  • Why The Store Sales Turned Around So Quickly

    Why The Store Sales Turned Around So Quickly


    There is a little shop on a corner in a small town that sells quality jewelry at very reasonable prices...It has been there for years but in the past couple years business has been dropping off.The customers that come in and seem interested in buying but many say they will look around and come back but, never did.The owner knows he has quality items at great prices and cannot figure it out. He decides to go to the mall and look at the fancier jewelry stores and he thinks he will have to spend a lot of money to remodel his store  then some one told him of a young dynamic company that could help him.it was Detai Printing and Packaging company. After looking in his display counter, he felt maybe just an upgrade in packaging will help so he placed the call.He spoke with a very knowledgeable person who said she could help him and was assured that they will stay within a budget he had given them...After a few questions of what his needs would be, they put together a quality package that not only included the needed jewelry boxes but, also brochures,paper gift boxes,hang tags, Stickers and most importantly the eloquent shopping bagsto place the gift boxes in that uses his logo that everyone would see. It was amazing how the store turned around with just this little and very affordable change in how to display as well as package his products for his customers has been. They made  the small diamond ring which was simple and eloquent look as great as the larger more expensive ones. The important part is that the costs for him to purchase these items allowed him to keep his retail pricing at the same level he had and not increasing them as the more fancy stores at the mall.And We can do the same thing for you.....We are Detai Printing and Packaging Company and we will recommend the right packaging for your products,we offer all kinds of paper packages including paper boxes,gift boxes,jewelry boxes,paper bags,tags,stickers ,brochures,magazines etc,just give us a call.

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  • Merry Christmas&Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas&Happy New Year


    Dear Friends Thank you for all your support in the past years and we wish you a bright and prospective 2020!May the joy of new year be with you throughout the whole year! We will have one day off on 1st Jan and will come back to work on 2nd,Jan 2020! Yours Sincerely Detai Team

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  • How To Choose A Suitable Jewelry Boxes

    How To Choose A Suitable Jewelry Boxes


    For centuries, elaborate jewelry boxes have been created by skilled craftsmen. In some cases, the boxes have been crafted to be as precious as the treasures they store. So What do consider when purchasing a jewelry box.More than just a box, a jewelry box can be an ornate work of art designed to store and protect precious jewels, necklaces, bracelets, and other valuable treasures. A jewelry box can also signify wealth, heritage and sophistication. Set within its beautiful confines, a simple piece of jewelry is greatly enhanced and accentuated. Therefore, the design and make of a jewelry box is important in creating the ideal ambiance for your pieces. Following are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect jewelry box: Keep your entire jewelry collection in mind.  And then figure out what kind of box construction do you prefer?Below is simple bottom and lid jewelry box with sponge padding made of textured specity paper,various textured paper with different colors are available,your company logo can be printed or stamped on the lid,other decorates like ribbon bow can be choosed too.This kind of boxes are widely used for cheap jewelry as the cost is lower. Choose a box that has enough room for each piece you have. Here is another hinged luxury large jewelry box for necklace or jewelry sets.Various types PU leather or real leather material are available.Inner material can be high end velvet or satin.It is used for luxury jewelry . The choice of a jewelry box should depend on your jewelry collection. Before purchasing a box, consider the look, size, and variation of your pieces. Choose a jewelry box that fits well with your collection as a whole.

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  • New Arrivals--Recycled Slide Open Folding Gift Boxes

    New Arrivals--Recycled Slide Open Folding Gift Boxes


    Are you looking for some packages really eco-friendly,cheap and storage saving?Here is it!Our slide open boxes are folding 2-piece boxes, consisting of a box base that slides into the sleeve, like a match box. The sleeve has a large clear plastic window, giving customers and gift recipients the chance to see the beauty within.We offer these boxes in different sizes and various colors, and the sleeves color can be differ from the base color,this allows you to mix and match colors as you please! If you can't make up your mind, you don't have to! We also offer these boxes in a pre-packed small set of 20 boxes! Each pack contains 20 matching bases and sleeves. You can test all the sizes and colors to find the perfect match for your products and store, or create your own assortment if you need multiple sizes and colors. These slide open folding gift boxes can be used as both gift boxes and candy boxes. The shallow boxes with the 1" depth were designed to fit in,These boxes are also great for gift or favor boxes! The slide out design makes these boxes a unique packaging option! Each box can be made with a window in the sleeve, so anything you choose to put in the box will be on full display for the guests at your event or in your shop!

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  • Stylish Flower Gift Packaging To Show Your Love

    Stylish Flower Gift Packaging To Show Your Love


    To show your love and respect,start with a delicated gift box with a big bunch of rose flower would be a good choice,filled with colorful paper shred or soft foam,then pile on the gifts .These large gift boxes are sturdy enough to hold large items with ease! Smaller gift packing boxes like below look amazing with ribbon bow decorated,available in many various sizes and many festive prints,as well as in classic solid colors.A personalised gift box with a name of that special person on top. It is ready to fill with lovely gifts. This personalized gift box is also great for Bridesmaid Proposals. Add a festive touch to your Christmas gifts. Make every gift look amazing with Christmas gift box with name. It is a beautiful option as a Birthday Box for best friends and loved ones. If you can't make up your mind,you don't have to,just tell me your ideas and we will make it come ture.These boxes can be used as gift boxes,candy boxes,stationary packing box,Pen box,Cellphone packing box or whatever you want to put in it!

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