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How To Get Your Own Gift Boxes


Would you like to inrease your sales?Would you like to attract more customers?Would you like to enhance your company image ?Here is the secret,it is amazing how the stores turned around with just very little and affordable change in how to display as well as the packages.

Today,we'd like to introduce some real nice quality gift boxes for you.It's a 2 piece foldable gift package boxes with foldable card insert,made of recycled white card.Your company name/company logo can be printed on the box lid or stamped which looks more luxury.It gives your customers a great impression before seeing the inside items.A suitable paper bag is suggested.What's more,this set of paper box and paper bag package is foldable so it saves your storage space and it is easily assembled.

Grass Green Specialty Paper Tea Packing Boxes

It doesn't matter if you don't know how to make a box,just simply write to us and our package experts will help you out.

1.Tell us what kind of box you are looking for,if you don't know how to describe it,simply show us the photos

2.Work out the sizes of your box,usually it is L*W*H, if you are not sure,tell us the product size and we will advice

3.What would you like to print on the box,we offer FREE design if needed.

4.Let us know how many pieces you are looking for

5.We will work out the best price and get your confirmation

6.We will make a sample for quality check before mass production

7.Mass production and arrange shipment

The whole order process is completed.

Here is another brown paper gift boxes,different colors and various textured paper are available.It can be used a tea package box,gift package boxes,mooncake package boxes etc.When we talk about a gift boxonly one thing which is so important and can not be neglected is the presentation of the box. If you are using gift boxes for your customers , you are creating an impression. Giving the right impression to them through gift boxes also plays an important role. Cause it’s the only thing which can make you different from your competitors and your clients will be forced to think about your company. By giving high class giftpackaging materials you give your customers a nice and amazing feeling.You should find as many ways as possible to make your gift boxes unique and different from others so that it can give you the desired result.
Luxury Textured Paper Tea Packing Boxes

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