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Rigid Collapsible/Foldable Box Is Getting Popular


Collapsible or foldable rigid boxes with Magnetic closure are widely used for packaging delicate products.These boxes have a unique design and they look attractive for products like cosmestic items,chocolates and luxury garments.They are made of recycled paper cardboard hence they are environmentally friendly.Folding cardboard gift box is very convenient while packing,and large cardboard packing boxes can be used in the most innovative way.Therefore,these super quality magnetic foldable boxes  are preferred by stationary,perfume,clothing industry for packing across various regions.

Folding box with magnetic closure

Folding boxes with magnetic closure can be customised with various finishing options.including embossed,debossed,foil stamping logo,spot UV or textured surface to creative a special and unique look.The main advantage of these collapsible foldable boxes are shipped flat,it would save you a lot of money on shipping and storage.So they are also popularly known as flat shipping rigid boxes.

Magnetic foldable boxes

Magnetic foldable boxes help promote brand recgnition. Folding box with magnetic closure or ribbon closure are ideal for high end retail items to make a lasting impression on customers by packaging your products in these quality boxes.And you also can make a PVC window on the top so customers are able to see the inside gift items.

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