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Things are changing all the time,there are new products emerging into the market everyday while  some items disappeared after months or years. No matter which industry we are in,we have to update and improve our products and accessories timely to catch up with the pace of the whole field,otherwise we are unable to compete with our rivals and lose the market share.If you are a careful observer,you may notice that those big companies update their gift packaging regularly,every half year or one year,including the gift boxes,paper bags,even the price tag etc,they pay attention to every aspect of their packaging as they do know how important it is! They create gift packaging for different holidays,when it comes to New Year,a new year designed paper box will show on their display boxes.Likewise,Christmas series paper boxes will be created to celebrate Christmas too.Their shops are full of Christmas atmosphere,which is a great way to attract more potential buyers to come into your shops,thus,transaction conversion rate will pick up accordingly.Secondly,keep updating your paper packaging reflects your company is full of creation and new ideas,you are determined to offer something new to your customers which will greatly enhance their confidence to continue to deal with you, thus,our customer retention rate would be higher than our competitors.As study shows,the cost would be much less to keep good relationship with regular customers than to look for new ones.Finally,both your product quality and your company philosophy will reveal from your gift packaging,it delivers the first impression directly to consumers,its just like a book,we maybe attracted by the cover and then we want to spend more time to study the inside content.Summer is coming,it's time to get new paper boxes and paper bags for your company!

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