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The Love Story of A Diamond Ring

She is a real  elegant  and shinny diamond ring,every girl would fall in love with her even with a glance from the showcase,she got a lot of praises everyday..Nobody knows how scary she is especially when people touch her because she doesn't have her own suitable jewelry box to protect her.One day,she decided to get out from here and find her Mr Right.

When she passed by a clothing store,she noticed that there were some fancy paper gift boxes at the base of the display window,she was so excited, came into the store and walked straightly to the boxes,unfornately,a voice yelled at her,why you came here?Go way..These large and rigid boxes were garment packagings,not for you..with tearing eyes,she left.

She was confident that she would find the right one.After 20 minutes walking,she stopped at a chocolate shop,it smelt so tasty with a little bit bitter,she loved it and  walked in..wow,thepaperchocolate boxwas rigid,gold with textured and a red foil logo,a real queen.She was impressed.But it was still too large for her and the inner tray was made of paper card which was too rough,she needed something soft.So she came out.

Suddenly, when she lifted her head,she noticed that  there was a fancy jewelry box shop on the opposite side,she crossed the road quickly and rushed into the shop..Simple bottom and lid jewelry box with sponge padding,hinged plastic board jewelry boxes,velvet jewelry boxes,PU leather Jewelry boxes,thousands of different styles boxes,she picked up one and tried it on..Yes,it was him..A dark blue Jewelry box with gold foil logo,the size was perfect,creame velvet insert was  perfect,the touch was soft,everything was perfect!She looked much more gorgeous in the box Obviously,he was obsessed with her too!

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