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What are the precautions for paper tote bags?


There are people coming and going on the road now, just take a look! Most people carry a tote bag on their shoulders. It can be seen that it is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also very convenient and fast. It can also hold a lot of stuff and is waterproof if necessary. I believe that many people do not know what are the precautions for paper tote bags?

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When designing commercial handbags, attention should be paid to the appropriate selection of paper types. For example, single-sided coated paper can be used for color-printed commercial handbags, and the paper weight can be lower. In addition, the texture effect of different paper surfaces is cleverly used, and cloth textured paper, egg textured paper, glossy paper, etc. are selected according to the different design contents, so as to achieve better design and publicity effect. Many commercial bags are used outdoors, in addition to choosing durable high-quality paper, pay attention to using high-quality ink that is not easy to fade when printing.

1. The number of sheets of paper

Design drafts that do not close the number of openings, no matter how good they are, will also cause paper waste. Therefore, it is best for designers to keep a paper open number table at hand for reference at any time.

2. Text Design

When designing text, italics and too small text should be avoided; imitation Song characters with small font size should not use reversed characters: the font size of bold characters should not be too small. In addition, the text on the light background should not be designed to be reversed, and the text on the dark background should not be too dark.

3. Image processing

For the pictures to be made into plates, the size of the design draft should be enlarged or reduced proportionally according to the size of the original. According to the design needs, the unnecessary content in the picture is cropped or hollowed out.

4. Color Design

Designers should have a printed chromatogram at hand for use when choosing colors, and the design colors should use yellow and magenta as much as possible. The four colors of blue and black are combined and matched, and the special color is used less to avoid increasing the cost. In the design, you should also avoid using large areas of dark color as the base color.

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Colorful paper bags, which are not only beautiful but also affordable, are people's first choice! Welcome to consult!

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