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Take a second to recall the last time when you were asked to name the best gift you received.What was the answer?What about some other gifts you like or you want to get?Well,we don't produce gifts but we offer quality gift packaging at an affordable cost.No doubt,attractive gift boxes would help increase perceived value of customers and boost our sales. As a printing&packaging manufacturer in China,we've been in box export for more than 15 years and we've established very friendly business relationship with many overseas companies in various lines including jewelry companies,watch shops,pen shops,garment distributors,gift shops,skin care products companies etc.What's more,we know the trick of gift packaging and how important it is!

We've worked with over 80 customers in the past  years mainly in EU ,USA,Australia market,providing suitable packing solution is one of our work because some customers don't know much of packaging and do not have clear picture in their mind. Customer satisfaction is our first priority,we truly understand that quality is the essential point and we are always looking for a long term business relationship instead of one time business.Therefore,not only do we train our staffs to inrease their skills and ability but also update our equipment to keep pace with the whole industry trend. Now we have up-to-date equipment and young talent team,including two brand-new 5 color Heidelberg printing machines,high-speed cutting machines,cutting machines,CPT house,auto-gluing machines etc.Our excellent services will exceed your expectation.

Below picture will give you a general idea of our factory.The first one is our new five color Heidelberg printing machine which runs about 12,000 times per hour, with such high speed  on time delivery is guaranteed.The next one is our packing department,workers are inspecting the goods and packing them into shipping cartons.Some customers would do partial shipment rather than one big shipment,therefore a large warehouse is necessary to stock the remaining goods, and we keep them until we get their next shipping release,flexible shipping system would increase our cost but benefit our customers,thus we still provide this special offer. When it comes to staff management,we have a morning meeting every Monday in this large bright meeting room,duty and responsibility will be clarified during the meeting.Staffs are well motivated and working very hard.Excellent quality,reasonable price,prompt delivery and super after-sales service make us stand out from the crucial competition and become some customers' favorite and sole packaging partner.Detai Printing&Packaging Co.,Ltd,a paper box and paper bag manufacturer, will continue to offer quality packaging for all our customers!

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