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Get Receycled Paper Card Boxes At Detai


No doubt package is playing a more and more important role ,it is the first impression of your company and brand,that's why more companies would like to get custom printed unique packages for their brand. Any gift worth giving should be given in one of our luxury magnetic closure gift boxes. The one-piece construction of each box makes it easy to store and assemble. We offer a wide variety of sizes to accommodate just about any gift. Each box is made from recycled and recyclable material. Keep plenty on hand to accommodate those last minute and unexpected gift-giving occasions. Choose from our wonderful selection of gift boxes complete the presentation of your special package. We are pleased to offer discounts on  gift boxes,jewelry boxes and paper bags when you purchase in large quantities. Please email us at jenny@detaibox.com for more information and to place an order.

Our advantages:

  1. recycled paper materials
  2. Food grade ink
  3. Prompt delivery
  4. Excellent sales service

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