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How To Choose Surface Treatments


Package is playing an important role for nowadays business,among them,paper package is the most popular as it is recycled,eco-friendly and inexpensive.How to make a unique package to get impression is very important and helpful to your business.

Here are some different options of surface treatments,they are Gloss Lamination,Matte Lamination,Spot UV,Gossy Varnish,Aqueous coating,Gold stamping,Silver stamping,Embossed,Debossed etc.The surface treatment is done after printing process and it can be done on the blank textured paper directly too.It is widely used to create different features ofgift packages.Matte finishing is like silk touch,very smooth and elegant,it is usually used with Spot UV or Stamping.If you are focusing on reducing the cost for cheap color boxes,aqueous coating is recommended.Some customers may say,"I do not need any finishing,is it OK?" Generally speaking,it is not a good decision for full background printing packages,it is needed to protect the color. For blank packages,it is not a problem.

When it comes to luxury packages like Perfume gift boxes or Cosmetic Gift packages,Embossed logo or Stamping logo would be recommended.So it can easily catch attention.The hign end touching of package is a reflection of your product quality too.Regardingpapercolor boxesfor electronic products,in order to save cost,gloss finishing or glossy varnish would be a good choice.Anyway,it's just our suggestions and the final packages will be done as your specific requirements.

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