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How To Make a Custom Printed Paper Box


How to Make a Custom Printed Paper Box

Package is the first impression of the inside items,it is the first impression of your brand and your company,so it is very important to make a unique package to enchance your business.But how to make a custom printed paper box,here you will get all the answers at Detai!

1.Raw Paper material,we have different paper options for different packages including white card paper,art paper,special textured paper,kraft paper,paper board.

2.Cutting material to make sure that it is the suitable size for printing.

3.Printing process-we have brand new 5 color Heidelberg printing machines to make sure the color is very solid and smooth

4.Surface treatments:Matte finishing,Gloss finishing,hot stamping,Spot UV,Embossed or Debossed logos to meet different quality needs

5.Die cutting-cut it into the shape of final product

6.Gluing the Box,we have auto-gluing machines for both color box and rigid gift boxes to save cost and speed up production process

7.Quality checking and then pack them into quality carton for delivery

Paper package is widely used as it is recycled and eco-friendly,it is really a good way to enchance your company and it is a good way to inrease your company value like custom experience.If you don't know how to get a suitable box,call us and our team will help and  work out the best solution for you!

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