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New Arrivals--Recycled Slide Open Folding Gift Boxes

Are you looking for some packages really eco-friendly,cheap and storage saving?Here is it!Our slide open boxes are folding 2-piece boxes, consisting of a box base that slides into the sleeve, like a match box. The sleeve has a large clear plastic window, giving customers and gift recipients the chance to see the beauty within.

We offer these boxes in different sizes and various colors, and the sleeves color can be differ from the base color,this allows you to mix and match colors as you please!

If you can't make up your mind, you don't have to! We also offer these boxes in a pre-packed small set of 20 boxes! Each pack contains 20 matching bases and sleeves. You can test all the sizes and colors to find the perfect match for your products and store, or create your own assortment if you need multiple sizes and colors.

These slide open folding gift boxes can be used as both gift boxes and candy boxes. The shallow boxes with the 1" depth were designed to fit in,These boxes are also great for gift or favor boxes! The slide out design makes these boxes a unique packaging option! Each box can be made with a window in the sleeve, so anything you choose to put in the box will be on full display for the guests at your event or in your shop!

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