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Why Recycled And Eco-friendly Paper bags


Comparing with paper bags,plastic bags are cheaper but more and more companies would like to pay a little more to have paper boxes/bags.Why?

Paper bags not only recycle material that would be going to waste,they also eliminate the need for sinigle-use plastic bags that have proven to harm the environment.Made from petroleum,plastic bags fuel extraction of fossil resources,

They also present a serious disposal problem. It takes centuries for plastics bag to break down in nature, burning them releases poisonous chemicals, and in oceans, plastic trash harms a number of marine species. Non-toxic paper shopping bags, on the other hand, conserve the environment by harmlessly biodegrading after numerous uses However ,paper package is eco-friendly and recycled with a much luxury feeling.

Using custom Paper boxes/paper bags in your retail stores can provide convenience to your customers so that they don't need use a separate gift packaging.These bags/boxes can be reused which makes them more environmentally friendly while also increasing the reach of your brand name. Many of these gift boxes can be made with recycled materials and can be recyclable biodegradable. And our ink is food grade too.

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