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You will be amazed at how fascinating your gifts look like with a unique quality paper box!More and more businesses realized the great importance of a suitable packaging for their products and they are responding quickly to take packaging into consideration when rebranding company image.

Today,we want to introduce the below cheap bottom and lid 2 piece gift box to you,which is widely used in various business field, and hopefully it may come out to be a good solution to increase your company sales.Some rigid gift boxes are made of textured specialty paper like the top three boxes, small cute ribbon bows or similar decoration ornaments would help increase the fancy.With a gold stamping logo on box lid,making the navy blue box  recognized easily in the market,which is popular to  pack belts,socks,underwear and other small gifts.Except those rigid packing box,we also have some foldable 2 piece gift boxes,like the plain brown kraft paper box,which can be flat in transit ,therefore,it will greatly reduce your storage space and shipping cost as well.You may think it's not easy to get them into shape,no worry,they can be assembled easily.Each box comes flat packed but is quick and simple to assemble. Simply remove the corner papers to reveal the sticky surface and pull the sides up. It is ready to go!For fragile products like glasses,cup or skin care product ,related inserts like sponge,EVA,satin cloth or paper card inserts are all available.100% recycled paper apparel boxes are made in China,interior color will vary from light from brown kraft according to your specific requirements.Custom printing available on single size cartons!

It has proven that a little affordable investment on packaging would greatly boost your sales and enhance your company recognition.Packaging is the first look of our products and company, giving the right impression to our customers through gift boxes also plays an important role.Because it's the thing which can make you different from your competitors and your clients will be forced to think about your company,No matter you are aiming for high-end market or middle-class customers,you can get the best packaging solution here from Detai Printing&Packaging Co.,Ltd,your reliable packaging partner!

cheap bottom and lid 2 piece gift box

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