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Quartz Stone Massager Paper Packing Boxes /Detai Gift Boxes


Recently a new product called Quartz Stone Massager caught my attention as more and more people buy it so the sale figure for this beauty product has increased a lot during the past a few weeks .No matter where we are from,women in the whole world are always trying every method to make themselves more beautiful and more charming,this facial roller is used to massage on face or neck  which is considered to be a good way to lift up the skin on our face and reduce fine lines,thus,we look younger than we actually are,what's more,it is selling at a very reasonable price.Sometimes,women don't take the cost into too much consideration,as long as the product is good for their health or make them look young.I have bought similar facial Jade Roller product and it came to exceed my expectation,it  also can be used to massage your sour and tired shoulder.Look!Below is a pink facial Jade Roller with a quality pink gift box,with a high quality EVA insert cutting into the shape as the roller,the facial jade roller sits in the box perfectly.It is full of girly romantic asmosphere,I guess most women couldn't help but purchase it for themselves or friends.

No matter if you are intending to enter this business field or you've already been in facial jade roller business for years,here is an important tip for you.It is the packaging!A custom made paper gift box plays an important role in sales.Firstly,it will increase the product value to some extent,even for a same product,one with packaging and the other without,no doubt the one with a luxury gift box would be chosen by customers. Secondly,a good packaging will protect the jade roller safely during shipping.Thirdly,a same color paper packing box as the inside product would be a great match which will attract more potential buyers as it is a really nice experience to get a gift with an dazzling packaging!Many study cases have proven that an attractive packing box would boost our sales and enhance our company image,thus,making us standing out from our competitors and gainning a bigger market share!You would never image how much the packaging would help on your sales figure!Give it a try,contact us to get suitable packaging for your company!

Jade Facial Roller Gift Boxes

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