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Custom Made 2 Piece Folding Gift Boxes | Decorative gift boxes manufacturers


When thinking of packaging and wrapping for your business, it is important to think of how you can reinforce and enhance your brand image when choosing different elements.Detai Printing&Packaging Co.,Ltd is a professional paper package manufacturer and we'd love to use our expertise to offer you various packaging solutions.

Here is a cheap 2 piece folding box which can be shipped in flat to save shipping cost and also save your storage space.It can be in plain or printed with your specific design,CMYK color or any pantone color.If you are running a business, you should make the most of every opportunity when it comes to brand image. You wouldn’t put any branding on your website, you’d make sure that it was designed to match your business specific branding and your packaging should be the same.Packaging is a good way to show your brand image. We advice to use these cheap foldable gift boxes and they are widely used to pack underwears,sock,candies and any other small gifts.As the below photos show,a PVC window can be creat on lid top to show inside products.If you want customers to touch and feel the product,just a window without PVC sheet.Meanwhile, it can be assembled easily,no worry.

decorative gift boxes manufacturers

If you are using gift boxes for your customers , you are creating an impression. Giving the right impression to them through gift boxes also plays an important role.If you'd like to see a sample of the boxes then we are pleased to send you one out. We can also provide fantastic cost effective options for personalising these packing box with your logo. Simply give us a call on 86-13929498796.

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