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Recently,we noticed that 60% of our  customers are looking for this sliding drawer gift box,6 among 10 are asking for the price of various kinds of drawer boxes,it's becoming more and more popular for it's attractive looking and luxury quality.It can be used to pack products like perfume,jewelry,candy,underwear and any any other gifts you want to pack in it.Here is a drawer box made of specialty paper,1200gsm duplex paper board which is rigid enough for delicate gifts.The box is 12.5*13.5*5.5cm,smaller size or bigger size are both available and can be custom made.Company logo can be stamped on box lid.With same color ribbon tab,you can pull out the base easily.Custom printed gift box can also be given to enhance and improve your corporate image. Your image can surely be improved if you use printed high quality gift boxes for sending promotional items or souvenirs in gift boxes to your potential clients, business partners etc. Not only those typical or traditional promotional items like pens , calendars mugs can be given but you can also add verstality to it. Like you can send chocolates packed in a gift box or discount coupons by your company and so on. You can communicate through these boxes to your masses , and can show affection attention and love to them with the help of gift boxes.

Drawer Sliding Gift Box

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