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When it comes to paper packages,you are coming to the right place.Today,we'd like to introduce you a luxury gift box-Magnetic closure gift boxes.Magnetic closure gift boxes are something special.They not only cover your custom taste but also present your top-quality products, high-end commodities, and precious gifts. Their magnetic force attracts your customers towards your brand. Magnetic boxes bring a happy feeling to recipients — no need to close them. Just bring the lid close to the lower base, it seals automatically with the embedded magnetics placed underneath the lid and the case. It is all comfort and style.

Normally,the inner paper board is about 2mm thickness but it can be adjusted according to the box size or your specific requirements,for very large boxes,maybe 3-4mm thickness duplex cardboard is needed.For smaller gift box,1-2mm thickness grey cardboard is enough to reduce our cost.The surface wrapping paper can be printed with your design or choose one of our in stock specialty paper,those speciaty paper are with very nice patterns and textured which look like quite high end.Below are some magnetic closure gift box photos for  your reference.Those are empty boxes without any insert .it can be satin,EVA,foam or sponge,whatever is suitable for your products.Your company logo can be stamped on box lind or box inside,silver stamping/gold stamping etc.It reflects different impression with different packages,some customers they order different boxes to pack the same items but for different sales channel.You see,package plays an important role in sales.Without any doubt,a good package sends a positive impression to customers.Meanwhile,this box can be foldable to minimize the stock space and eaisly assembled.Grant your products an exclusive look by wrapping them in the enchanted magnetic closure rigid boxes.The paper boxes with company's logo and theme colors will amuse your customers and will enhance your products and brand image.

Custom Magnetic Closure Boxes Wholesale

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