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Rebrand Your Company Image by Using a New Package


With global competition increasing sharply around the business world ,as a company owner or leader,you must have thought one hundred times about how to improve your company recognition and enhance the brand value.Definitely,there are many various ways including redecorating your outlets,moving to a new premises ,advertising campaign or even spend a huge expense on celebrity endorsement. You may not aware that redesigning your gift packaging would be the easiest and least expensive way to achieve this purpose,with very little and affordable cost,it will bring great differences out of your expectations. Attractive first impression is the essential and basic step to catch the eyes of your potential customers.Your product outer packaging delivery the first impression to your customers how your company or how your products may look like.A rough packaging shows a cheap image,a delicate and luxury gift packaging reflects high-end quality of inner products.When changing your sales strategies to aim for high-end customers,well redesigned gift packaging would help a lot.Many of our customers have adopted our packing suggestions and they all turned out to be huge successes.

Taking the below bottom and lid kraft paper box for example,it is a rigid tea gift box,with a  high density natural color EVA insert which looks more eco-friendly.Just image if the tea is only simply packed in a cheap plastic bag,you may doubt about the high price even it is really nice tea.Customers would be happy to pay for a little more  with a high quality gift box as it matches the quality of the inside tea especially when they buy it as a gift.It is well proven that suitable packaging would be the best way to rebrand your company image and attract more attention from existing and potential customers,which is good for business development in the long run and will benefit your company in return.

china tea box packaging

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