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When did you get your last new pen? Was it coming with a quality gift box?I still remember when I was a middle school student,my father bought me a new pen as a birthday gift as well as a reward for getting 100 score in the final exam,it was wrapped in a navy blue gorgeous bottom and lid gift box with a shinny logo on top,I was thrilled and opened the box very carefully, I even kept the box for a very long time to use it as a packing box for my small hair accessories.

Gifts always make receiver happy and a gift with a nice gift box would make them happier,a delicated packing gift shows your respect and love.No doubt,pen is a widely used consumed item,at every school,by every student,by every teacher and all the other people.Many airlines,big services companies offer free pen or notebook to their VIP customers or promote their brand,or send positive image to potential customers ,whatever it is,an attractive pen gift packging box with your company logo would delivery a positive impression and attract their eyes,they may come back to you whenever they use your service.See,this is how a designed paper box help boost your business and sales! A custom made packaging for your products is considered one of the most effective advertising campaign.

Gift box can be produced at any shape,size and style,all our paper boxes are made of recycled material which is environment-friendly that can reflect your company's Corporate Social Responsibilty service.As a leading printing & packaging suppliers in China for over 15 years,we custom produce various kinds of gift box,jewelry box,paper box,watch box,hang tag,brochure,office stationery like business card,envelope,letterhead paper,paper file folder,paper bags etc,we are a one-stop supplier for all your packages.Contact us at [email protected] and we will use our expertise help you work out the best packing solution for your company to win more market share.

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