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Plastic Bags have been very widely used,while there has been a shift to Paper Bags because of the fact that they are enviromentally-friendly. Fashion always changes with standard paper bags.So the demand for paper bags would go on increasing.Why?More and more entrepreneurs have realiased the important of packaging for their products and they understand how important the packaging is to delivery their spirit and company image.Paper bags have some advantages over plastic bags when it comes to sustainability.They are easier to recycle,because they are biodegradable,they can be used for purposes like composting.So it is easily to use paper gift bags to express your coorperate social responsibility.Take a look of all the luxury brands all over the world,it will give you a great shock before opening the boxes to see the inside product.You will feel being valued and respected through the delicate designed packaging.Normally,their paper gift bags are  made of quality white card,sometimes with textured patterns or their logos on the surface,undoubtedly it is an amazing experience to receive a gift with superior packaging like gift boxes and paper bags.Anyway,there is one thing you should keep in mind,try to make sure all the packaging for one brand compatible so you are delivering the consistent image to your customers.For example,if one of our product use plastic packaging,the other product use cotton fabric packaging while our new products packed in paper bags.Customer will be confused of our company and they don't have a clear idea when they think of our company,it is not a wise to work this way.Sometimes,the packaging like paper bags would be a bridge between customers and cooperates,if the packaging can be used properly or updated deliberately,it will turns out to be a huge success and help increase our sales volume to a large extent.

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