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In our daily life, we can see that there are various packaging materials, such as paper, wood, plastic, metal, glass and so on. Among the materials for customized product packaging, paper materials are the most popular. Why are paper gift boxes so popular?

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1. The diversity of the paper packaging process.

A variety of process technologies can be applied to paper to create unique visual effects, such as bronzing, UV printing, glazing, embossing, printing, etc. However, the application process of many materials such as glass and metal is very limited, and there are only a few processes such as cutting.

2. It is the diversity of paper visual effects.

There are many types of papers and a wide range of choices. There are white cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, art paper, etc. There are many kinds of art paper. White cardboard, kraft paper, etc. provide more intuitive effects, but the broad art paper can present rich visual effects. For example, the surface of paper is similar to leather texture, and the texture is high. After the touch paper brush is oiled, it feels smooth and delicate. With the advancement of modern technology, paper can even produce the visual perception of wood and metal, and the cost is much lower than that of solid wood and metal.

3.paper packaging is more economical and more eco-friendly

Enviroment protection is a long-term and tough task,each one should take it into consideration,no matter  you are a single person or an organisation.Using paper packaging,to some extent,shows your determination to do something to our mother earth .Meanwhile,comparing with glass or metal material,paper packaging is more economical and affordable.

Finally, at the same time, the packaging of paper materials is lighter and has less space, which can reduce some long-distance transportation costs.

The design space of paper foldable gift boxes is also very large, and is not limited to a certain fixed shape. As long as it is clever, the shape can be very unique and unforgettable.

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