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High Quality Pen Boxes for Your Luxury Pen


As well as our variety of paper bags, we also stock a range of Pen Boxes packaging options that can be custom made to match. Protect your products with our luxurious tissue paper, available with 1 or 2 sided printing in a wide range of different inks. You can also add ribbon and labels printed with your business logo to provide the perfect finishing touch to your bags.

Offering custom branded gift boxes to your customer is a great way to enhance the buying experience and increase your marketing reach.Many wholesalers utilize custom printed gift boxes,foldable box,apprael boxes ,pen boxes and fancy gift boxes to package their products.Some retailers may use custom gift boxes and some may use them exclusively for the special holiday season

There are many styles of custom pen gift boxes.It can be one or two pieces box,top tuck with foldable bottom box,pop-up garment packaging box,the same panel box or foldable boxes to save shipping cost and save stock space.Custom boxes can be manufacturerd with varying thickness from simple paper card from 190-400gsm,specialty textured paper or thick paper board.Just show us what you like and we will make your thoughts come true.

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