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Unique Watch Gift Boxes For Your Luxury Watches


Nowadays,more and more business man or woman they prefer to wear a quality watch instead of shinny jewelry,it's kind of a way to reflect your power and status,and it looks more professional.Of course,how can a luxury watch without a unique packing box?It helps sellers enchance their brand and company..it helps owners protect their watches.

No matter you are watch manufacturers,watch wholesalers or watch retailers,it is very important to get special boxes for your own shops.Here are some different types of watch boxes:

Leather boxes with stamping Logo for luxury watches

Cheap bottom and lid boxes for inexpensive watches

Drawer/Sliding rigid box with a pillow inside

Fashionable Unique watch box with LED light inside

It can be a small box for one watch,it also can be a large one for watches display in your shops.Regarding the inserts,it can be a quality leather or velvet small pillow..it also can be made foam or EVA,with your logo stamping,embossed,debossed or printed.Various specialty textured paper and leathers are available in different colors for different options.

Detai Printing&Packaging Co.,Ltd ,a leading watch gift boxes manufacturer in China,has been in package export business for more than 13 years,we will use our knowledge to offer professional package solutions for your company. we are confident that if we get a chance to work with you and you will be happy with us like our other regular customers.Simply email us at jenny@detaibox.com!

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