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Two Piece Gift Packing Boxes


Let's face it,package is getting more and more important,it is the first impression of your product and even your company image.Why not wrap your products with a gift box that's as quality as they are?

These two piece Gift boxes are perfect for packaging clothes like shirts,pants and even socks,underwears.Made of recycled kraft paper  or eco-friendly white card material,these sturdy boxes will hold your heaviest gifts while maintaning their shape.

Paper Gift Boxes With Window

Best of all,these boxes are so charming and attractive,you won't even need to wrap them.And for all those last minute gift wrapping sessioins,you will be glad to have a few of these on hand .Finally,giving out a perfect present.Those boxes are quite cost effective,a small cost will help you earn more business.Why not? With a simple foiled logo,your company image will be highly enchanced.

Foldable Underwear Packaging Boxes

Lastly,those boxes are foldable and can be flat in shipping which reduces the storage space,youdon't have to worry about not having a large warehouse. and it can be assembled easily,it can be done within a few seconds.Many different colors,textured material are availble.Call Detai Printing & Packaging Co., Ltd. to get your ideal box.

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