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Why Paper Bags


Enviromental issue is a global concern for all humen being.More and more companies realize how important to be a responsible organization to our society and world.These days,when you hear the question,"Paper Or Plastic?" The answer is an almost instinctive "Paper!"We all know that plastic is terrible for the environment,the that plastic bags in particular are clogging up our our oceans,choking our wildlife and generally wreaking havoc on the world.

In the past,plastic bag is their first choice for package but in nowadays,more and more companies turn back to paper bag and paper bag is becoming popular because of several  advantage.First,paper bag is eco-friendly and recycyled.Second,paper bag looks like more luxury and high end which gives a positive message of your item quality.Lastly,the price is afforable and custom made shopping bag would help enchance your company and brand.

Here are some several kinds of paper bags

Quality Specialty Paper bag with over flap handle

White Card Paper bag with pp string handle

Fancy gift bag with die cue handle

Art paper paper bag with ribbon handle

White kraft paper bag with twist handle

Brown kraft paper bag with paper twist handle

If you are eco friendly and at the same time want to be ahead of your competitors, start using paper bags.

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