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Why The Store Sales Turned Around Finally

There is a little shop on a corner in a small town that sells quality jewelry at very reasonable prices...It has been there for years but in the past couple years business has been dropping off.The customers that come in and seem interested in buying but many say they will look around and come back but, never did.The owner knows he has quality items at great prices and cannot figure it out.
He decides to go to the mall and look at the fancier jewelry stores and he thinks he will have to spend a lot of money to remodel his store  then someone told him of a young dynamic company that could help him.it was Detai Printing and Packaging company.
After looking in his display counter, he felt maybe just an upgrade in packaging will help so he placed the call.He spoke with a very knowledgeable person who said she could help him and was assured that they will stay within a budget he had given them...After a few questions of what his needs would be, they put together a quality package that not only included the needed jewelry  boxes but, also brochures, paper gift boxes,hang tags, Stickers and most importantly the eloquent shopping bags to place the gift boxes in that uses his logo that everyone would see.
It was amazing how the store turned around with just this little and very affordable change in how to display as well as package his products for his customers has been. They made  the small diamond ring which was simple and eloquent look as great as the larger more expensive ones. The important part is that the costs for him to purchase these items allowed him to keep his retail pricing at the same level he had and not increasing them as the more fancy stores at the mall.And We can do the same thing for you.....We are Detai Printing and Packaging Company and we will recommend the right packaging for your products,just give us a call.
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