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Various Quality Jewelry Boxes


Would you like to buy a expensivejewelry even without a package? Customers maybe happy with the jewelry but without any package or a poor quality package will definitely make them upset.The way  you package your jewelry will leave your customers with an impression of your brand and company.Let's help you send them with a positive impression by finding the best package solution for you.No matter the style,we have the jewelry boxes that will assist you in building your brand image.

Textured paper jewelry boxes jewelry bags

This two-piec jewelry box with sponge insert  is great for pins, Rings, pendants, and large earrings.It isOne of the most popular styles of jewelry boxes. This lovely looking  jewelry box makes a great presentation. Textured paper jewelry gift boxes with white synthetic cotton and are available in various popular sizes. This popular jewelry box is perfect for packaging jewelry or small gifts and will compliment any jewelry store.
Flocking quality jewelry boxes sets

These Hinged Quality jewelry boxes are made of soft velvet,logo can be printed or stamped on the lid inside.Textured paper with different colors are available.these jewelry boxes are perfect for high quality jewelry and send a great impression to your customers or wholesalers.Jewelry boxes's specifications as below:

  • Customized sizes
  • Available in durable grey board/art paper/coated paper finishes
  • Available colors are available
  • Option of logo printing support
  • Printing support comprising embossing, stamping, UV coating
  • Textured paper,PU leather are available
  • Available in choice of different colors as demanded from us
  • Size as per customers demands

As a businessman,you should make the most of every opportunity when it comes to brand image. You wouldn’t put any branding on your website, you’d make sure that it was designed to match your business specific branding and your packaging should be the same.

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